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Fireplace Safety Services covering chimney cleaning, repairs, remodels, and inspections in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, since 1978.

Chimney Masonry and Repairs

We Specialize In Chimney & Masonry Repairs, From Crowns To Brickwork!

When your chimney or masonry needs repairs, it can be hard to know where to turn for quality, reliable work. Not everyone has the skills, tools, knowledge and level of care it takes to provide beautiful, seamless, durable results – but the professional masons at Fireplace Safety Services do! We have decades of industry experience and specialize in the following repairs:

    • Crown Repairs – The crown refers to the mortar or cement covering that seals the top of your chimney stack, keeping out rain, animals, insects, birds and more! As you might expect, this part of your chimney takes quite a beating from rain, snow, sleet, sun, wind, etc. Unfortunately, our experts often find poorly constructed crowns that, due to design, are in bad condition and dumping water directly down onto the chimney’s masonry. If your crown is in bad condition or was improperly constructed, our experts can construct a brand new crown that’s designed to effectively protect your system and keep water out of and away from your chimney. Click here to read more about the roles of crowns and why proper construction is so important!

    • Repointing/Tuckpointing– One of the most common damages we see to chimneys and hearths is mortar joint decay, often as a result of exposure to water. As water wears at these porous joints, it can cause cracking, crumbling and deterioration, which allows water and insects to access the chimney system and leads to further decay and structural compromise. If the mortar between your bricks is looking shabby, we can make the necessary repairs before things get worse! Click here for more information!

    • Brickwork/Spalling – As is evidenced by many historic buildings, brick is an incredibly durable material. However, it’s certainly not invincible. If any of the bricks in your masonry chimney need to be replaced, don’t rely on someone inexperienced. Removing and replacing damaged or decaying brick takes a lot of care, knowledge and skill, all of which our technicians have. Click here to read about the process and why it’s so important that you leave this job to the pros.

    • Chimney Caps Replaced, Repaired & Installed – A chimney without a cap (or with a poorly installed cap) is going to have a water problem, guaranteed. Why? The cap is responsible for covering the chimney flue which would otherwise be open and exposed to weather and debris. Is your cap providing adequate protection to your chimney? Click here to learn more!

    • Dampers Replaced, Repaired & Installed – Damaged dampers are a leading cause of smoke and draft problems, but they’re relatively easy to fix! Traditional throat dampers can sometimes be repaired, but it may be a good idea to have yours replaced with a top-sealing damper. Click here to learn more about the damper repairs we offer!

    • Smoke Chamber Repair – The smoke chamber refers to the area just above the firebox and is the part of the system responsible for ushering smoke up into the flue and out of the chimney. As you can imagine, this area of the chimney system takes on a great deal of heat and corrosive byproducts and can seriously deteriorate over time. It’s also an area that is oftentimes poorly constructed, making the transport of smoke and gas from firebox to flue difficult. But the pros at Fireplace Safety Services can parge the smoke chamber smooth, restoring its functionality and appearance. Click here to learn more!

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"I am thoroughly happy with the job you did on my new fireplace. Hugh was great to work with and I would recommend him to anyone who is considering a new fireplace. Hugh and his crew were polite, on time, clean, knowledgeable and a pleasure to have working in my home." 
~ M. Charles, Petaluma

"I was very happy with the office staff and with all the people in the field. You have a very good company."
~ D. Gable, San Francisco

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